Today’s Woman’s first segment will highlight the Red Phone, a line of communication with Iran set up in Washington D.C., allowing members of Congress to speak to Iranians. The second segment will focus on Margaret Thatcher, with our guest out of London, City Council Member Ms. Sharan Tabari.

News and views will continue its coverage of President Bush’s trip to Europe. The president met with the Pope in Rome, and has made his way to France. PNN’s Rome and Paris stringers will report live on the Bush’s progress. NaV will have an interview from inside Iran regarding reports that a 17-year-old convicted killer has been hanged despite international pleas for Tehran to honor treaties it has signed banning the execution of minors. Mohammad Hassanzadeh was the second juvenile offender to be hanged in Iran this year. Peter Spatharis, Greece/Turkey/Iran regional expert, will join the broadcast live on set. He will discuss recent reports that Iran and Turkey are coordinating efforts against Kurdish militants, including the sharing of intelligence. Ashraf Haidari, political counselor at the Afghan Embassy will be in the studio to talk about the Afghan donors conference and what it means for Afghanistan.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh. The discussion focuses on President Bush’s trip to Europe, and corruption in Iran.

Late Edition will report on an agreement between the US and Russia on expanding civilian nuclear cooperation. Following will be coverage of Barak Obama’s foreign policy plans, a story about jewelry exhibit in the UK, and a review of 3 movies released this week.

Newstalk will review the week in US foreign policy. Topics include the president’s trip to Europe, the Afghan donor’s conference in Paris, and the US/Russian civilian nuclear cooperation accord.