Today’s Woman will provide an update of the 3rd 22 khordad protest. As it is World Day Against Child Labor, the second segment will discuss child labor, with possible phoner guest, Masoodeh Mashayegh, head of the Association of Protection for Iranian Children. The final segment will highlight the efforts of the non-profit organization, One Laptop per Child, created by faculty members of the MIT Media Lab, set up to oversee The Children's Machine project and the construction of the $100 laptop.

News and Views advances it’s reporting on the President’s trip to EU countries. Our Paris and Rome stringers will be on the phone today live today as the President makes his way to Italy. A mid-level government official was arrested Wednesday for making public accusations of corruption against several top clerics. Abbas Palizdar gave two speeches at universities in May in which he denounced several clerics, some of whom hold important political positions. Our live guest Dr. Jalil Roshandel, professor at East Carolina University will discuss thes story and a recent expose on, " Biggest Case of Corruption in Post Revolution Iran." The EU postponed a decision on whether to remove an Iranian opposition group from its blacklist of terrorist organizations. EU foreign ministers had been due to review taking the People's Mujahideen Organization of Iran off the list at a meeting in Luxembourg next Monday, but the item has been dropped.

Roundtable hosts Ms. Elahe Amani, researcher, teacher and human rights activist. She will join us live from Los Angeles to discuss homeless children in Iran.

Late Edition features a story about “green” architecture in the rebuilding of News Orleans, a review of the new film ‘Kung Fu Panda,” interviews with the band Linkin Park, and an exhibit about the exploration of the Americas.

Newstalk features its PNN journalist roundup. Topics include President Bush’s trip to Europe, the Afghan donor’s conference, and corruption in Iran