Today’s Woman discusses the state of Iran’s economy vis a vis global oil prices. Dr. Jamshid Asadi, Professor of Economics, University of Paris, joins to discuss.

News and Views covers President Bush’s trip to Europe where he will lay out his determination to force Iran to halt its nuclear program. Bush will push for stronger penalties against Iran and will ask European leaders to do more to stop the flow of money through Iranian banks. Mr. Bush has said he wants to ensure Iranian banks cannot abuse the international banking system to support terrorism. On the heels of Iraq’s Prime Minister al-Malaki’s trip to Iran, Iran's supreme leader told Iraq's prime minister Monday that the U.S. forces in Iraq were the biggest obstacle to stability there. The message from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was the most authoritative public word yet on Iran's objections to long-term security accords being negotiated between the Bush administration and al-Maliki. Guest: Dr. Reza Hossein-Borr is a management and leadership consultant in the UK with clients in the Arab world as well as the UK. He has a blog in which he writes regularly about the region and recently has had a series on Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran's role.

Roundtable features an interview withy Siamak Dehghanpor, PNN congressional correspondent. He reported on the US presidential primaries from the start to finish, and will offer his “reporter’s notebook” for today’s show.

Late Edition starts off with a discussion about the US presidential candidate’s positions regarding Iran. Following is a report on an exhibit about the 1936 “Nazi Olympics” in Berlin, a story about the food crisis in North Korea, and coverage of the Mars Rover mission.

Newstalk hosts Hassan Masali in DC and Dr.Reza Ghasemi will live from London. They will discuss president Bush’s trip to Europe and his discussions of Iran’s nuclear program.