Today’s Woman will discuss the adaptability of Iranian immigrants in Western countries with sociologist Mehrdad Darvishpour, our guest out of London. In his studies, Dr. Darvishpour has found that female Iranian immigrants in Sweden have adapted better than their male counterparts to the new environment. He has also expanded his study to examine this trend throughout Europe. The final segment will discuss how celebrity endorsement of candidates influences the presidential elections.

News and Views will lead the broadcast with reporting on President Bush as he kicks off his week-long visit to major European capitals. Bush is expected to call for more help from Europeans on Iraq and Afghanistan as well as on Washington's attempts to halt Iran's nuclear program. Iranian officials advocated a close defense relationship with Iraq during meetings Sunday in Tehran with Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki. Maliki sought to ease Iranian fears over a proposed security deal with the U.S. Sunday, saying his government will not allow Iraq to become a launching pad for an attack on its neighbor. Irbil stringer Javanmardi will have reaction from Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq to the visit. NaV has an interview with Dr Shirin Ebadi's regarding her latest publication, 'Refugee Rights in Iran'. Dr Ebadi argues that there is nothing inherent in the legal structure of Islamic states that prevents them from upholding basic human rights for refugees. NaV will have a live interview with Jackie Shire, deputy of David Albright, a physicist, and President of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) in Washington. ISIS has written numerous assessments on secret nuclear weapons programs throughout the world. She will comment on the recent IAEA meeting and report on Iran’s nuke programs

Roundtable hosts Mr. Abdulhamid Eshragh, Architect and member of the board of Encyclopedia Iranica, in the Washington studio. The topic is art as a manifestation of Iranian architecture, as well as housing in Iran.

Late Edition features coverage of President Bush's trip to Europe. Following is an interview with Salman Rushdie, one of PNN's reporters on set describing life on the US presidential campaign trail, and a sports segment.

Newstalk will discuss human rights in Iran and around the globe. Activist Elahae Hicks will be in the New York studio and Dr. Mohammed Parvin will be live from LA.