Today’s Woman will discuss the role of women in Iran's media, focusing on the way women use it to bring about change. The following segment will discuss volunteerism in the United States. The last segment will discuss the life and accomplishments of the influential fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

News and Views will have live reporting from the IAEA meetings in Vienna Austria where the US charged that Tehran was deliberately stalling the IAEA's long-running investigation so that it could press ahead with uranium enrichment and ultimately achieve its goal of developing weapons. At the meeting Iran threatened to sue countries it says “have damaged its reputation” with allegations about its nuclear program. NaV features Ahmed Rafat live on the phone to react to the following: The UN apologized Wednesday to an Iranian journalist who was barred from a food summit in Rome, allegedly due to opposition from the Islamic state whose president was among participants here. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said it was sorry after the incident involving Ahmad Rafat, an Iranian who works for VOA and the Italian news agency ADN-Kronos. Our stringer in Irbil Iraq will cover reports that a Lebanese trainer for Hezbollah guerillas has been arrested in Sadr City, Iraq. Environment specialist Hamid Arabzadeh will join the broadcast live from the LA studio to discuss World Environment Day.

Roundtable will discuss "Human trafficking", the latest State Department Report on this subject. Mr. Ali Afshari, a human Rights activist, will be the in studio guest.

Late Edition begins with coverage of the US state Department’s annual report on human trafficking. The show will then feature a story on “Maker’s Faire,” where people make “ordinary objects into extraordinary things,” and the 2nd part of a series on high technology, and a story about sculpture in Russia.

Newstalk features its PNN journalist round up of the news week. Topics will include the AIPAC meeting in Washington DC, the UN food summit in Vienna, and reports on Iran and Turkey coordinating attacks on Kurds in Northern Iraq.