Today’s Woman will discuss the work of contemporary visual artist Ms. Shirin Neshat, featuring a pre-recorded interview and a showcase of her artwork.

News and Views will have comprehensive coverage of the AIPAC meetings in DC this week. Today John McCain will call on corporations and government institutions worldwide to pull their money out of Iran as a way to pressure the regime into giving up its nuclear ambitions. McCain's is expected to say a private "divestment" campaign similar to that which helped bring down apartheid in South Africa is needed to safeguard Israel and the US. NaV’s Rome stringer will continue his reporting that the Pope has cancelled meetings with seven world leaders to avoid an encounter with President Ahmadinejad. .Mr Ahmadinejad was keen to meet Benedict XVI, after writing to him two years ago on the subject of spirituality and the need for dialogue between Islam and Christianity. We are efforting interviews form inside Iran on Iran ordering the Fars news agency to close for three days for publishing "false news". The official IRNA news agency reported that Fars had been "suspended for publishing false news and disturbing the public order." Fars had on Sunday published a report saying that Iran's central bank governor Tahmasb Mazaheri was stepping down and being replaced by Vice President Parviz Davoudi.

Mr. Hossein Faraji Iranian journalist and TV and radio commentator, will be on Roundtable to discuss religious minorities and ethnic discrimination in Iran. He will be live from LA.

Late Edition will report on the IAEA urging "full disclosure" from Iran over its nuclear program and sending experts to Syria to probe allegations of a secret nuclear reactor. Next there will be a story about suicides among Afghan women, the death of Yves Saint Laurent, and a live sports segment.

Newstalk features a discussion of human rights in Iran and abroad. Activists Elahae Hicks and Kianoush Sanjari will join the program live to participate.