Today’s Woman will discuss the practice of consanguineous marriage in Iran, focusing on the medical aspects with our in-studio guest Dr. Fariborz Gorouhi, doctor of internal medicine. The last segment will discuss medical issues relating to metabolism.

News and Views will provide a package out of Stockholm, Sweden, covering an international conference on rebuilding Iraq. In comments there, Iran said it was keen to play a major role in the reconstruction of Iraq, and criticized the US and its allies for "mistaken policies" in its neighbor. Iran's foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, said the US had only made the situation worse. We will have the 2nd part of Setareh’s interview with Zbigniew Brezinski regarding his recent article “A Sensible Path on Iran,” as well as other related issues 2nd Hour: Phoner: Hadi Zamani, an Iranian economist and international consultant who works for the British Dept. of Transportation, to discuss US treasury Sec. Paulson's trip to the Mid East tomorrow to compel regional leaders to step up enforcement of sanctions against Iran and curtail illicit financing of terrorist organizations.

Dr.Alireza Nourizadeh, Iranian journalist and commentator based in London, will join Roundtable for a review of this week’s developments in Iran and the Middle East.

Late Edition offers it final installment of the Afghanistan and opium series. This is followed by a package about AIDS research, and a story about tourism in Mexico.

Newstalk presents its Face to Face segment, with the program devoted to the life and experiences of Reza Pahlavi, former Crown Prince of Iran.