Today’s Woman discusses the cases of imprisoned and sentenced women's rights activist in Iran with phoner guest lawyer Ms. Nasrin Sotudeh from Iran. The following segment discusses the history and significance of Memorial Day. The last segment focused on the role of first wives in the United States.

News and Views reports that Lebanese President Michel Suleiman has begun his first day in office, facing the challenge of stabilizing a country still shaken by civil war. Lebanon's parliament elected the former army chief as president Sunday as part of an Arab-brokered agreement to defuse an 18-month-long political crisis EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Monday that he hopes to travel to Iran soon to present a new nuclear offer from major world powers, after meeting Tehran's foreign minister over the weekend.

Roundtable hosts Mohsen Moazami, Corporate Vice President for Cisco Systems. He will be on live from Stanford, CA, and the topic is the latest developments in the world of technology.

Late Edition features the first in a series of Afghanistan and Opium stories. Following will be a celebration and background of Memorial Day in the US, and a sports segment featuring Iranian soccer and beach volleyball.

NewsTalk features and exclusive interview with the US ambassador to the IAEA Gregory Schulte on the release of the agency’s report on Iran’s nuclear program.