Today’s woman will discuss media art focusing on creativity in the digital era. The following segment will discuss the way creativity can be simplistic. The last segment will discuss women sports, highlighting women's soccer.

News and Views will report on comments by Secretary of State Rice who warned Iran on Wednesday that if it did not make the "right choice" and abandon sensitive nuclear work it faced more punitive action from the international community. The broadcast covers today’s testimony of Gen. David Petraeus, who says that a continued U.S. presence in Iraq is more likely to blunt, rather than inflame, Iran's growing influence in the region. In a document submitted in advance of his confirmation hearing on Thursday, Petraeus says the U.S. must work on developing more leverage — primarily diplomatic or economic — to pressure Tehran to abandon its nuclear program NaV will broadcast VOA’s exclusive interview with First Lady Laura Bush. The discussion focuses on the crisis in Burma. NaV’s live in studio guest is Mehdi Khalaji, who will join NaV to discus the power struggles in the Iranian government, between Ahmadinejad and the clerics. Khalaji is a visiting fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He is Shiite theologian by training and focuses on the role of politics in contemporary Shiite clericism in Iran and Iraq.

Roundtable features a discussion of Iranian theater in exile in London. The guest is, live from London, Sussan Farokhnia. She is an artist and director of the Saam theater group in London.

Late Edition will lead with coverage of the deal to form a new government in Lebanon. Dr. Vahid Behravan discusses kidney stones, and the Iranian underground band 127 is profiled as they tour the US.

Newstalk hosts PNN journalists for a discussion of the week in news. Topics include power deals and discussions in Lebanon, and Syria/Israel, Sec State Rice meetings with Britain’s foreign minister, and a discussion of engagement with Iran.