Today’s Woman will discuss violations of human rights in Iran. The following segment will discuss an Iranian weblogs that focuses on the way married women devote more time to their families rather than to themselves. The last segment will discuss air pollution and its effects on human organs.

News and Views will continue it’s reporting the arrests of members of the Bahai religious community Iran confirmed the arrests, charging the Bahias, for acting against the national interest. We will have an interview from inside Iran on these reports An influential Iranian cleric has criticised Ahmadinejad in unusually blunt terms by saying his government was pursuing policies that were leading to "public impoverishment". Former president Rafsanjani called on the government to rein in populist spending policies largely blamed for fuelling inflation that is now running at more than 20 percent. We will have an interview with DePaul university economist Dr. Karim Pakravan regarding the ongoing economic stories out of Iran. NaV will also report that Iran says it has agreed to a visit by EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana to submit an upgraded package of incentives aimed at coaxing the country into halting uranium enrichment, a news agency reported. Foreign Minister Mottaki said no date had been yet been set for Solana's trip.

Roundtable will host historian and researcher Bahram Mosheri, live from LA, to discuss the Bahais and other religious minorities in Iran.

Late Edition reports a number of Democrats want presidential candidate Barack Obama to choose rival Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate, if he wins the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.But a lot of political experts think an Obama-Clinton ticket is unlikely. There will also be an on set disussion of the reported crackdown of certain websites in Iran.

Newstalk features Nasser Mohamadi, live from London, and Vafa Mostaghim hosts. Topics include Lebanese crisis talks in Qatar, power struggles in Iran’s government, and the arrests of Bahai leaders in Iran.