Today’s Woman will discuss Persian art, focusing on the art of Persian carpets. The next segment will discuss the art of storytelling highlighting the accomplishments of Neghali, the first woman storyteller in Iran. The last segment will discuss influential women in the United States, highlighting Cokie Roberts latest book entitled "Ladies of Liberty: The Woman Who Shaped Our Nation".

News and Views will have a live report from Jamshid Charlangi who’s at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East, in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt. He’ll advance NaV’s reporting on issues on the agenda there, including a follow up to President Bush comments on Iran yesterday. Ambassador James F. Jeffrey will join NaV live on set in the 2nd hour. The Ambassador is Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs leads the Bureau's Iran Policy Team. NaV will have sound from an Iranian official visiting Beijing, Dr. Mahdi Mostafavi, adviser to Pres. Ahmadinejad. He spoke to journalists at a small press conference at the Iranian embassy. Mr. Mostafavi just signed a cultural agreement with the Chinese. He talks a little about the agreement, and then expresses great sympathy for the Chinese earthquake, mentioning the 2003 Bam earthquake.

Roundtable will feature a discussion with Menesh Amir, live from Jerusalem. Amir is Former head of Radio Israel, Persian programs. The topic will be President Bush’s trip, and other issues pertaining to the region.

Late Edition features continued reporting on the situation in Lebanon, with a story from the crisis talks in Qatar. Dr. Vahid does a weekly medical wrap up, and there will be an on set segment on heavy metal music greats, the band “Metallica.”

Newstalk hosts human rights activist Elahe Hicks live from New York, and Kianosh Sanjari from the DC Studio. They and host Ali Farhoodi will discuss human rights in Iran and abroad.