Today’s Woman will discuss the significance of ancient Iranian poet Rumi. In recognition of International Family Day, the following segments will focus on the role of the family in the modern world with guest Dr. Homa Mahmoudi, psychologist from Los Angeles.

News and Views will continue its reporting of the President’s trip to the Mid East, where the White House says security guarantees are not being considered in talks with Iran regarding its disputed nuclear program. Bush says Iran is heavily involved in an attempt to bring down the Lebanese. NaV will also report of the Presdent’s criticism of what he considers the Democrat candidate’s appeasement of Iran. Simon Henderson will join us live on set today. Mr. Henderson is the Baker Fellow and Director, Gulf and Energy Policy Program The Washington Institute for Near East Policy to discuss the President’s trip. NaV will also report on comments of Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates . He said the US should construct a combination of incentives and pressure to engage Iran, and may have missed earlier opportunities to begin a useful dialogue with Tehran, said yesterday. We are efforting an interview for background and analysis of these comments. Tehran has accused of bombing a mosque in the country last month and of having ties to the U.S. and Britain also planned to attack a Russian consulate. The IRNA daily quotes Iran’s Intelligence Minister as saying the group planned to bomb the consulate in Rasht city in northern Iran to strain ties between Iran and Russia. We will have interviews from inside Iran on these reports.

Roundtble will be joined by Dr. Kavian Milani, representative of Bahai community, Dr. Hossei Borr, representative of Sunni communities in Iran. The topic is religious discrimination in the Islamic Republic.

Late Edition’s top story will be President Bush’s trip to the Mid East, followed by a wrap up the US political campaign. Dr. Dr. Vahid Behravan will discuss infertility.

Newstalk hosts PNN journalists. Rome based stringer Ahmed Rafat joins Vafa in the studio, and Mohamed Reza Shahid will be live from Paris. Topics include President Bush’s trip to the Mid East, Iran’s nuclear program and “incentive packages,” the crisis in Lebanon, and Defense Sec Gate’s comments regarding engagement with Iran.