Today’s Woman will discuss new Iranian security laws that strictly enforce Islamic dress requirements in private companies. The following segment will discuss Iranian media regulations with a phoner guest from Iran Mr. Shamsolvaezin, representative of the Iranian Press Society. The last segment will focus on the accomplishments of Ms. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first woman elected president of Liberia.

News and Views will report on the first day of President Bush’s trip to the Israel and the Mid East and its significance for the region. Iran’s President has called Israel a “dying state” and the 60th anniversary will not save it from “annihilation.” Greg Myre will join NaV live on set to discuss the President's trip. Myre is a Mid East Institute Adjunct Scholar and a former correspondent for the New York Times and the Associated Press in Jerusalem. Iran has arrested a total of 15 people over a mosque bombing in April in Shiraz, the intelligence minister said on Wednesday. Iran has accused the US and Britain of training and financing people behind the April 12 bombing which killed 13 people and injured more than 200."The agents of this incident intended to bomb a Russian consulate in Iran," the minister added. We will have an interview from inside Iran for background on this story. Thomas O. Melia, Freedom House Deputy Executive Director, will be live on set in the 2nd hour to discuss, among other things, Freedom House's recent report Today's American: How Free? The report finds that despite some diminutions in civil liberties in recent years, it “concludes that today’s American in quite free.”

Roundtable features a discussion with Ms Goli Ameri, who was just sworn in as Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs. The topic will center on Iranian-American relations.

Late Edition’s top story will focus on the outcome of the West Virginia primary. Kourosh Sehhati will be on set to discuss students imprisoned in Iran.

Newstalk will discuss Iran news of the week with political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara, in the DC studio. Topics include President Bush’s trip to the Mid East, the crisis in Lebanon, and the latest on economic problems in Iran.