Today’s Woman will feature the first of a series of segments dedicated to weblogs. The area of focus is perspectives amongst traditional and modern Iranian men. The following segment discusses the We Can campaign, a global effort to eliminate domestic violence. The last segment discusses health issues related to allergies.

News and Views will continue its reporting on the crisis in Lebanon; Saudi Arabia blamed Iran on Tuesday for Hezbollah's routing of the Western-backed government's supporters in Lebanon and said the violence would affect Iran's ties with Arab countries. Iran's judiciary said it would file international lawsuits against the US and Britain, accusing them of providing financial support to those behind a blast in a mosque that killed 14 people. State Dept spokesman David Foley will join us live to provide background and commentary on these reports. Iranian police will launch a crackdown this week on "indecent Western-inspired movements" such as rappers and satanists, state radio said on Monday. We will have interviews from inside Iran to comment on this story.

Dr. Hossein Ladjvardi, the president of the Iranian Research Association in Paris, joins Roundtable, live from London. The topic is the causes and reasons of domestic crises in Iran.

Late Edition features stories on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the high gas prices in the US, and there will be a live sports segment focusing on English soccer.

Jamshid Akhbari joins Newstalk, live from San Jose, California. He is an international football referee and sports analyst, and he will discuss the US soccer federation’s invitation to the Iranian team to play in the US.