Today’s Woman discusses the art and life of Iranian singer Qumar with guest Mr. Loghman Adhami, a composer from Los Angeles. The last segment focuses on the accomplishments of Barbara Walters highlighting her recent book, Audition: A Memoir.

News and Views reports that Iran and the U.N. nuclear agency watchdog will resume talks on Tehran's disputed nuclear program in the Iranian capital on Monday, according to Iranian officials. The talks are planned to last 3 days. We will have a one on one pretaped interview with US ambassador to the IAEA Greg Schulte as he visits DC today for a Woodrow Wilson Center event.\ An award-winning Iranian journalist and rights activist has been hospitalized in jail in Tehran after returning to prison from sick leave, a press report said on Monday."Emadeddin Baghi has once again been taken to Evin prison infirmary," Baghi had returned to jail in April after a three-month sick leave to serve out a one-year sentence imposed in 2003 on security charges over a series of articles published 10 years ago. Our London stringer will be live on the phone to discuss.

Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh will join Roundtable to discuss Middle East development and the Lebanon crisis. He comes to us live via the London studio.

Late Edition features a sports segment and a music segment that focuses on the roots of Heavy Metal. The medical segment concentrates on International Nurses day, and the health benefits of green tea and chocolate.

Newstalk is joined by Elahe Hicks live from New York and Maryam Memar Sadeghi of Freedom House, in the DC Studio. They discuss human rights in Iran and around the globe.