Based on a new bill presented to the Iranian Parliament, Today’s Woman will focus on the definition of political crime with our guest from Toronto, lawyer Leili Pourzand. In relation to the new bill presented to the Majles, the following segment will discuss the experience of former Iranian political prisoner, PNN reporter Mr. Hassan Zarezadeh. The last segment will discuss underage executions in Iran.

News and Views: A group of hardline lawmakers plans to complain to the Intelligence Ministry about comments by moderate former President Mohammad Khatami deemed insulting to Iran's revolutionary leader, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. NaV will continue to advance this story with interviews from inside Iran on the issue. An Iranian resistance the People's Mujahideen Organisation group claimed victory on Wednesday in a seven-year legal battle when three top judges upheld a ruling that the British government was wrong to ban it as a terrorist organization. Alireza Jafarzadeh former spokesman MEK official in Washington, will offer commentary on the ruling. London stringer Nazenin will also give us background on this report. Dr. Igor Zevelev will join NaV live on set to discuss today’s change over in power in Russia, and how it might affect Iranian/Russian/US relations. Zevelev is the Washington Bureau Chief of RIA Novosti--Russian News and Information Agency.

Roundtable will host the VoA Newsroom's Jim Malone to discuss yesterday’s US primaries. Siamak Dehghanour, will also have a live report from Indianapolis, Indiana on the outcomes.

Late Edition another installment in its North Korea defectors series. Kourosh Sehhati will discuss student protests in Iran, and cartoonist Masood Raouf will join the show to discuss his work.

Newstalk will discuss Iran news of the week with political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara. Topics include US Assistant Sec. of State Richard Boucher’s comments about Iran’s interference in Afghanistan and Iraq, complaints about President Mohammad Khatami’s comments, and today’s events in Beirut.