Today's Woman discusses the importance of reading, focusing on the Tehran International Book Fair. The following segment discusses the importance of child literacy highlighting the efforts of First Book, a non-profit organization that gives new books to low income children at no cost. The final topic is the way technology is contributing to the rise in access to books.

News and Views reports that ex-president Mohmamad Khatami is under fire from hardliners on Monday after comments interpreted as accusing Iran's clerical leaders of supporting insurgents in the Middle East. Khatami of tarnishing the Islamic republic's reputation by implying it was carrying out "sabotage" work in other countries. We will have an interview from inside Iran to find out more of what’s behind this story. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s government announced Sunday that it would conduct its own inquiry into accusations of Iranian intervention in Iraq and document any interference. Iran has said it will not hold a new round of talks with the US on security in Iraq until American forces end their current assault against Shiite militias. We are efforting an interview with the Iraqi ambassador, or another official in Iraq, to comment on these reports. NaV will kick of a week of interviews analyzing Iran’s nuclear program. Today’s US ambassador to the IAEA Greg Schulte will be live from Vienna.

Ms. Nasim Daneshvar, joins Roundtable live from Toronto, Canada. She is editor in chief of BANOU Magazine in Canada. The topic is women’s struggle for equality in Iran and abroad.

Late Edition features it’s 2nd installment on a series about North Korean defectors. The program will also discuss the US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s annual report 

Newstalk features a discussion of human rights in Iran and elsewhere. The studio guest is human rights activist Laili Mazaheri, and Elahae Hicks. Live from New York.