Today’s Woman discusses the role of women in the Olympic games, focusing on Iranian women contenders, with our guest Ms. Solmaz Sharif from New York. Ms. Sharif is the founder of ShirZanan, the only Iranian women's sports publication. The program then discusses the "Follow the Women" cycling tour around the Middle East, an annual event where approximately 500 women from 30 countries will be advocating peace. The last segment focuses on women racecar drivers, highlighting the accomplishments of Danica Patrick and women racecar drivers in Iran. 

News and Views: A second American aircraft carrier steamed into the Persian Gulf on Tuesday as the Pentagon ordered military commanders to develop new options for attacking Iran. Secretary of Defense Gates said: "I don't see it as an escalation. I think it could be seen, though, as a reminder. " Hamas militants are serving as the "proxy warriors" for an Iran bent on destroying Israel and destabilizing the Middle East, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said. In a speech that underscored growing US concerns about Tehran, Rice mentioned Iran as not just a threat in the Palestinian territories, but also in Lebanon, Iraq and even in Afghanistan. State spokesman David Foley will join us to discuss this, as well as the release of State’s annual terror report. President Ahmadinejad is touring South Asia, and will discuss a $7 billion gas pipeline that would link Iran and Anupam Srivastava joins us live from the University of Georgia to analyze Ahmadinejad's trip to India and the region. Prof. Srivastava is director of the South Asia Program of UGA's Center for International Trade and Security.

Roundtable hosts Mr. Hossein Faraji, Iranian journalist and commentator, to discuss the aftermath of the Iranian parliamentary election, and as well as news of the day. He will be live from Los Angeles.

Late Edition will discuss Secretary of State Rice’s comments regarding Hamas as an Iran proxy, the State Dept’s Terrorism report released today, and President Bush’s press conference yesterday as it pertained to Syria.

Newstalk hosts journalist Cyrus Saify and political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh. Topics include Defense Secretary Gate’s comments regarding a 2nd US carrier group in the Persian Gulf, the Iran/Saudi security agreement, and Secretary of State Rice’s comments about Hamas.