Today’s Woman will include an update of the second round of Majlis elections in Iran. The following segment will discuss the United Nations Development Fund for Women, highlighting their recent meeting with spokeswoman Nicole Kidman. The last segment will highlight Iranian women websites.

News and Views leads with reports and analyses of today’s 2nd round of Parliamentary voting. Abbas Milani, Director of the Iranian Studies Program at Stanford University and a visiting professor in the department of political science, will join NaV live on the phone to discuss the day’s events Mohammad Khatami, announced he would retire from politics on Friday, after he voted in parliamentary elections. "I intend to withdraw completely from the political scene and dedicate myself to other things, " Khatami said. We will ask Prof. Milani about this, and analyze who might be the heir apparent to Khatami’s legacy. NaV also reports that the deputy chief of the IAEA is due to return to Tehran next week for more talks about claims that Iran has been studying how to make an atomic weapon. IAEA Deputy director general Olli Heinonen will hold talks in Tehran on Monday, just a week after his last round of meetings. We are seeking an interview with US ambassador to the IAEA Greg Schulte to comment on this.

Roundtable hosts Iranian journalist and commentator Dr.Alireza Nourizadeh, who will be live via the London polycom, and Iranian journalist Babak Dad, on the phone from Tehran. The topic is the second round of the Iranian Parliamentary elections.

Late Edition features a discussion of the global food crisis, and Luna Shand will have a live report from New York City on the history of the Tribecca area of the city.

Vafa Mostaghim hosts Newstalk’s Face to Face today. He will profile the life and times of Iranian artist Nasser Ovissi.