Today’s Woman will profile artist Parastou Forouhar, who joins the program live from Frankfurt, Germany. The program will focus on a discussion of political art.

News and Views will report that Iran's outgoing economy minister has revealed that he opposed many of President Ahmadinejad's economic policies despite serving almost three years in his government. Economy and Finance Minister Davoud Danesh Jaafari is expected to step down shortly amid growing tensions within the government over the economy Also covered are reports that UN nuclear official was greeted by an attack from the Iranian daily Kayhan as he arrived in Tehran on Monday for talks about claims Iran is seeking nuclear weapons. The broadcast will have commentary on reports that investigators have identified a number of British arms dealers trading with Tehran, triggering alarm among government officials who fear Iran's nuclear program may be receiving significant support from UK sources.

Roundtable will discuss the future of Iran’s oil industry with energy specialist Dr.Parviz Myna, former director of the Iran Plan Organization, live from Paris, France.

Late Edition’s Top story is the Pennsylvania Primary, covered by Alex Moradi, and the program will debut a sports segment with Ali Emadi.

Today’s Newstalk will feature Hassan Shariatmadari, son of the late Grand Ayotallah Kazem Shariatmadari, live via remote from Hamburg, Germany, and Elahae Hicks will be live from New York. Behnam Zandi will be on the phone from Brussels. The topic will be human rights in Iran.