Today's Woman debuts its new interactive e-mail segment, responding to viewers' stories. The program also examines the continued abuse of steroids around the globe, and the program ends with a discussion about the Iranian poet and children's writer, Parvin Abdi.

News and Views will have US reaction to President Ahmadinejad proclaiming "Iran is the most powerful and independent nation in the world," as he watched the Islamic republic's annual Army Day. Ahmadinejad said Iran would react forcefully in response to any attack and boasted that no one would dare to launch a strike on the country. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert assured the citizens of Israel that the international community is making great effort to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear capability. "I want to tell the citizens of Israel: Iran will not have nuclear capability," Guest Menache Amir will be on the phone to react. NaV reports that the European Union has asked Iran to open its secretive nuclear program to greater international scrutiny by joining a treaty that would let the U.S. and other nations monitor Iran’s program. Dr. Bahman Aghai Diba, is a consultant on international law affairs for several US companies, will be live on set today to discuss Tehran hosting a meeting of representatives from the 5 states in the Caspian Sea region. John Calabrese, American University professor, and China/Iran expert, will be live on set to discuss the P5+1 Shanghai Conference re Iran: Why China?

Roundtable hosts Mr. Babak Emamian, President of the Iranian Board directors in Britain. (, live via the London polycom. The topic is Iranian entrepreneurs in Britain and the role of free enterprise in economic development.

Late Edition will feature: coverage of the Pope’s visit to Washington, a story about internal refugees in Iraq, and a review of the new film Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

PNN journalists talk about the week’s events on today’s Newstalk. Ebrahim Biparva and Behrouz Souresrafil join Mr. Charlangi in the studio. Ahmed Rafat will be on the phone from Rome, Mohamed Reza Shahid will be on the phone from Paris, and Ali Javanmardi will be on the phone from Irbil, Northern Iraq. Topics include the General Patraeus and Ambassador Crocker’s meetings in Saudi Arabia, the new Berlusconi government in Italy, the Turkish incursion on Iraq’s North border, and the Pope’s visit to Washington.