TODAY’S WOMAN, The show will start out with current events of special interest to women. Nest discussion will focus on gender discrimination in the Iranian universities. Other topics include awareness of the women’s movement inside Iran, and a discussion of obesity.

NEWS AND VIEWS will offer comprehensive coverage of Iran installing 6,000 new centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. Iran already has about 3,000 centrifuges operating at Natanz, and the new announcement is seen as a show of defiance of international demands to halt its nuclear program. In Iran, Ahmadinejad has declared today, “The National Day of Nuclear Technology.” The US take on the story will be offered in an interview with US Ambassador to the IAEA, Gregory Schulte, live, via satellite from Vienna. Also today, US Commander in Iraq, General David Petreaus, and Ambassador Ryan Crocker appear before the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees. Siamak Deghanpour will cover and hopes to secure congressional interviews after the sessions. Other stories include one from Iran that Hossein Mousavian, member of a former team in charge of nuclear negotiation, has been sentenced to a two-year suspended prison term and a five-year ban from taking government posts. Mousavian has been accused of providing ambassadors of three European states involved in nuclear talks with Iran with papers deemed beyond his authority.

ROUNDTABLE WITH YOU After discussion of the Schulte interview, with clips, the show will continue on to its guest, General Ali Dizaei, an Iranian - British officer in Scotland Yard, by polycom from London. Dizaei was recently promoted to General. Discussion will include his work at Scotland Yard and its role in the International War on Terrorism.

LATE EDITION, Anniversary of Carter’s break of diplomatic relations with Iran (April 7, 1980). Behrouz Souresrafil and Afshin Nariman are preparing a report, Sara Dehghan will put together the House package on Olympic torch protests.

NEWSTALK Topic is the “National Day of Nuclear Achievement” in Iran, which marks the first anniversary of Iran having achieved uranium enrichment on an industrial level. The show starts off with clips of American Ambassador to IAEA Schulte’s interview from Vienna, and will be followed by a discussion with three guests: Nasser Mohammadi, a journalist at the London Keyhan, by polycom from London; Berlin-based free-lance journalist, Elaheh Boghrat by phone; and Caspian energy executive, Rob Sobhani in the DC studio.