Today’s Woman covers the week’s news from Iran, focusing on issues related to women, and discusses an Amnesty International report regarding human rights violations in Iran. The program will also discuss the influence the Internet has on the women's movement in Iran.

News and Views covers reports from diplomats that Iran has assembled hundreds of advanced machines reflecting a possible intention to speed up uranium enrichment. The program also reports on comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who challenged US policy toward Iran on Friday and said that the Islamic republic should be helped to emerge from isolation, instead of being threatened. NaV features on the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, coverage of the civil rights movement and a discussion with Michael Beere, director Non Violence International , about Dr. King and the evolution of the non-violence movement. The program will also air an interview with Congressman Mark Kirk regarding the missile shield agreement, the recent conflicts in Basra, Iraq, Gen Petraeus’upcoming testimony, etc.

Today on Roundtable Dr. Mashaollah Adjudani, author, historian and founder of Iranian library in London, will offer a tribute to Dr. Fereydoun Adamayat, Diplomat, author, and Iranian constitution historian, who died this week in Tehran.

Late Edition reports on the latest from the Democratic presidential primary trail.

Newstalk discusses President Bush’s trip to Ukraine, Romania and Croatia and the highlights of the NATO talks, Sec. Rice’s trip to Jerusalem and Jordan; trilateral meeting with Salam Fayyad and Ehud Barak. Also meeting with Tzipi Livni and Mahmoud Abbas, and a glance at the State Department's reactions to China-Iran nuclear intelligence and Iraq cease-fire. Siamak and Vafa will be joined by Shayan Samii and Aram Hessami on the set.