Today’s Woman: Goli Ameri, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, discusses her new role at the State Department.

News & Views: America's top General in Iraq David Petraeus says he has evidence that Iran was behind the sustained bombardment of the heavily-fortified Green Zone in Baghdad on Easter Sunday. The United States and Bahrain signed a deal Monday on peaceful nuclear energy cooperation, holding it up as a model for the Middle East that contrasts with Iran's disputed atomic program. Telephone interview with Dr. Jalil Roshandel, a political science professor at East Carolina University on Bahrainian deal and Vice President Cheney’s trip to the Middle East. A taped interview with Stuart Levey, the Treasury Department’s Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence on the various banking and financial pressures this Administration is applying against Iran.

Roundtable discusses Iran’s school textbooks and the teaching of extremist ideology with Shayan Ayra, a researcher with The Center for Monitoring Peace in the Middle East who conducted a study on the matter. Dr. Saeed Payvandi, who conducted a study for Freedom House on intolerance and discrimination in Iran’s post-Revolutionary education system, joins us from Paris.

Late Edition reports on the latest violence in Iraq.

NewsTalk discusses the latest news on Iran and region with contributor Nasser Mohammadi and journalist Elahe Bograt.