Today's Woman: The show will discuss Alzheimer disease and dementia.

News and Views: The latest on: Cheney Meets Palestinian President, Attacks in Iraq's Mosul and Baghdad Kill 18 People, Musharraf Vows Support for New Pakistan Government. Dr. Khansary is our phoner guest.

Round Table: Top story: Contact between Iran and US: two views. Our guests are Dr. Hooshang Amir Ahmadi, and Mr. Bijan Mehr.

Late Edition: Top story: Dick Cheney’s trip to Middle East.

NewsTalk: will discuss Iran’s foreign policy during last year, world’s latest events, and Dick Cheney’s trip to Palestine and Turkey with Dr. Mehrdad Khansari from London, Dr. Sirous Amouzegar from Paris, and Mr. Parviz Dastmalchi in Washington.