Today’s Woman: President Bush is scheduled to speak at 10:00am this morning. PNN will have live coverage of the his speech, therefore our "Today's Woman" program may begin approximately 10 minutes late around 10:50am. The recent New York Times article regarding the role of Obama's mother will be covered and the influence that mother's play in the upbringing of their sons will be discussed. Next our guest Ms. Mehra Malaki, Iranian history specialist from Sacramento, will discuss the history of No-Rooz (Persian New Year) and the Haft Seen (Seven S's, traditional table set during the week of Persian New Year). The last segment will focus on the history of women movements in Iran, focusing on the role of education, books, and media.

News & Views: We lead with President Bush’s speech to the nation on the 5 year anniversary of the war in Iraq. We will report on Vice President Dick Cheney “fishing trip” in the waters between Oman and Iran on Wednesday, borrowing the Sultan of Oman's 60-foot royal yacht for the mission. We will also follow up on our reporting on the recent protests in Shiraz that some of the student protestors from Shiraz University have been banned from attending classes for a total of 17 terms. Our guest today live in studio Nicholas Schmidle, of the New America Foundation, to discuss Pakistan’s new Parliament, Pakistan’s first woman speaker in Parliament, and what effects the war in Iraq has had on the region.

Roundtable: Ms. Shahnaz Pirmoradi , aka "Elham", is a classically trained Iranian singer who will discuss her work and career.

Late Edition reports on the Iraq war 5 year anniversary.

Newstalk hosts PNN contributors Alireza Nourizadeh and Mohsen Sarzgara. Topics to include President Bush’s speech on the 5 year anniversary of the Iraq war.