Today's Woman: The show will begin with coverage of current events, focusing on issues related to women. The first segment will discuss the parliamentary elections in Iran. Next, the show will focus on discriminatory laws towards women in Iran. The last segment will include a discussion of Robert Levinson's and Nazi Azima's case with their lawyer Mohammad Hossein Aghasi, a prominent Iranian lawyer who will be joining us from Los Angeles and our phoner guest is journalist Nazi Azima from Europe.

News and Views: The latest on: Highlights: Pakistan Investigates Bombing of Restaurant Popular with Westerners; Death Toll Rises to Seven in Albania Munitions Explosion; US Senator John McCain Visits Baghdad; aftermath of clashes between Iraqi security forces with a faction of Mahdi Army. Dr. Anvari is our guest.

Round Table: New cures for lung disease and stroke. Our guest is Dr. Hossein Ghanbari director of Panesia Pharmaceutical.

Late Edition: The show will discuss Iran election’s results, and EU’s comment that this election that was performed in the absence of International observers was not fair or free.

NewsTalk: will discuss Iran parliament elections, its reaction in Europe, the future foreign policy, as well as representative’s economic plans ; with Dr. Mehrdad Khansari from London, Dr. Sirous Amouzegar from Paris, Dr. Siamak Shojaii from New York, and VOA reporter Ali Javanmardi from Ankara.