Today’s Woman: The show begins with coverage of current events, focusing on issues related to women. The remainder of the show discusses issues relating to Alzheimer's disease including the symptoms, causes, and recent research findings.

News and Views: The latest on: Tibetan exiles and their supporters worldwide are staging rallies in solidarity with this week's demonstrations in Lhasa, and world leaders are urging China to use restraint after reports of violence against protesters in the Tibetan capital. Explosion of a hand made bomb killed one and injured six in Baghdad. Rice Visits Brazil's Historic City of Salvador da Bahia Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba is our guest.

Roundtable: discusses outcome of Iran elections with Mr. Maeer Javdanfar, political analyst.

Late Edition: Top story: US Economy. Our guest is Mr. Siamak Ghahhari from Los Angeles, Founder and President of Noor Film Festival.

NewsTalk: Top story: Iran in the past week. Our guests are Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba, Dr. Mehran Barati, and Mr. Ali Afshari.