Today's Woman: The show will begin with coverage of current events, focusing on issues related to women. Next, the show will cover the parliamentary elections taking place in Iran. The in-studio guest is student activist Ali Afshari, and our phoner guest from Iran is Mr. Kourosh Zaeim, member of the Iranian National Front.

News & Views will have exhaustive coverage of today’s Parliamentarian elections in Iran. We will have a comprehensive package offering background on today’s proceedings, and we will have updates throughout the show. We will also have live phone interviews from inside Iran, regarding what’s happening on the ground at polling places and elsewhere. Joshua Goodman, Director of Research, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, will be live on set for an interview. In a recent article Dr. Goodman examines the state of Iran on the eve of parliamentary elections and the consequences it might have for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. We have Nazzy live from Dubai with guest, Dr. Reza Rafie. They will analyze today’s events and will discuss the prespectives of Dubai’s significant Iranian expat community. We have Javanmardi live from Anakara, who will also have a guest, a member of a Eurasian think tank, to discuss the elections vis a vis the Tukish Iranian expat community.

Roundtable: PNN contributor Alireza Nourizadeh discusses Iran's Majiles elections and their significance to the governning structure in Iran.

Late Edition reports on the elections in Iran.

NewsTalk: Weekly roundup of U.S.-Iranian news with PNN congressional/political correspondent Siamak Deghanpour, and contributors Shayan Samaii, and State Department spokesman David Foley. Our primary focus today will be the elections in Iran.