Today’s Woman: The show will begin with coverage of current events, focusing on issues related to women. Next, the show will focus on human rights issues. The recent statement made by the US State Department regarding human rights violations will be highlighted and an original package of the State Departments International Women of Courage Award will be featured. The in-studio guest is Mandana Zand Karimi, appointee to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

News&Views will follow up on its reporting yesterday that the Bush administration will freeze any U.S. assets of Future Bank B.S.C., a Bahrain-based bank controlled by an Iranian lender linked to Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. Treasury said Future Bank is being controlled by Bank Melli, Iran's largest financial institution. We will have a report and regional reactions from Nazzy B. who is currently in Dubai, and we are efforting interviews with other financial entities involved. The broadcast follows the story of the denunciation of Noureddine Pir Mouazen, a reformist spokesman, as being guilty of an "appalling act" after he criticized the regime during an unauthorized interview with VOA’S PNN. Will also cover reports that Tehran's police chief has resigned following his arrest after being found naked in the company of six nude prostitutes in a local brothel. Reza Zarei stepped down from his post following the raid, reportedly ordered by Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, chief of the judicial authorities. There are reports that the Iranian military shelled three Iraqi border villiages. The shells were apparently aimed at bases of militant Kurdish rebel group Pejak, said the mayor of Zarawah, a frontier town in northeastern Iraq. Pejak (Party of Free Life of Kurdistan) is accused by Tehran of launching deadly attacks on security forces in northwestern Iran. Political activist Akbar Ganji is will be live on the phone to discuss tomorrow's elections as well as other news of the week.

Roundtable examines tomorrow’s parliamentary elections in Iran with Mr. Masoud Behnoud, an Iranian journalist based in London and Mr. Babak Dad, a Tehran based journalist.

Late Edition reports on tomorrow’s parliamentary elections in Iran.

NewsTalk hosts is regular Thursday panel of PNN correspondent and contributors. Topics include the Iranian elections, the resignation of Admiral Fallon the latest political news from Turkey and Italy.