Today's Woman: The show will begin with coverage of current events, focusing on issues related to women. The remainder of the show will focus on the origins of feminism and women's studies, particularly in Iran. Our guest today is Ms. Safoura Nourbakhsh, a Professor of Women's Studies at the University of Maryland.

News & Views: We lead with an interview with Tehran based lawyer Mohammad Hossien Aghasi who is representing Christine Levinson in her search for her husband, Robert, who has been missing in Iran since March, 2007. As Iran's brief election campaign for parliament heats up, a new public opinion poll shows that the vast majority of Iranians would like to directly elect their supreme leader in a free vote -- and be able to replace him. NaV continues its coverage (first reported yesterday) of the poll that find almost nine out of 10 voters surveyed want the top political position to be accountable to voters, the poll found. The European Union remains open to further talks with Tehran over its nuclear enrichment program, the bloc's foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Monday, a day after Iran's foreign minister said his country was ready to negotiate. A discussion on Iran's inflation and economic woes with Karim Pakravam, retired as a Vice President at JP Morgan Chase. Pakravan was a senior member of the Global Currency and Commodity Group and is currently an adjunct professor at Depaul University.

Roundtable hosts Mr. Farhad Mansourian, a senior researcher at the Foundation for the Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights. Topics include human rights in Iran, the recent third round of UN sanctions against Iran, and the role of the Pasdaron in Iranian politics and economic affairs.  

Late Edition reports on the American presidential race and the significance of endorsements.

NewsTalk will be hosted by Siamak Deghanpour, PNN's congressional and political correspondent. Guests include PNN contributors Elahe Hicks and Ali Afshari, Dr. Ramin Ahmadi, a founder of The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center at Yale University and Babak Dad, a journalist in Tehran.