Today’s Woman will discuss women’s rights and events surrounding International Woman’s Day, with poet and woman's rights activist Simin Behbahani.

News&Views will cover reports that the wife of a missing former FBI agent has hired a lawyer in Iran to try to persuade authorities there to investigate her husband's disappearance last year. She will be a guest on NaV Friday. We’ll also report on comments by Army Lt. Gen Ray Odierno that Iran may pose the greatest long-term threat to Iraq's stability. We also cover Russia’s insistence to Iran that Iran study incentives the world's key powers are offering - including improved relations with the United States - and suspend uranium enrichment as the U.N. Security Council is demanding.

Roundtable discusses the US presidential primaries, and other news, with in studio guest Shayan Samii.

Late edition features coverage recent protests at Iranian universities, the proposed shutdown of political websites before the upcoming Iranian elections, and coverage of the US presidential primaries.

Newstalk features a discussion with Mohsen Sazegara and Alireza Nourizadeh on the lates round of UN sanctions on Iran, the Arab summit in Syria, US Sec. of State Rice’s trip to the Mid East, and the crisis in Lebanon.