Today’s Woman will offer its first is a series of International Woman’s day programs. Writer and Poet Partow Noorilla is interviewed in the lead up to the March 8th event.

News & Views covers Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s trip to Iraq, with world reaction, as well as a live report from Baghdad with NaV correspondent Nazzy Beglari. We also report on a possible vote from the UN on additional Iranian sanctions today, as well as violence in the Gaza area. We have Jalil Roshandel, Security Studies professor from East Carolina University to discuss these stories and other news of the day.

Roundtable will discuss immigrants and new immigration laws in Europe, and democracy and human rights in the Middle East with Dr. Ammonollah Habbi. He works in the British office of refugee protection, and will be live from London.

Late Edition will feature a story on Sec of State Rice’s trip to the Mid East in the midst on heightening tensions in the Gaza strip, a review of the new action film “Vantage Point,” and a discussion of medical phobias.

Newstalk will feature a discussion on human rights in Iran. The guests are Elahe Hicks from NY, and Reporters without Borders Iran desk head Reza Moeini, live from Paris.