Today’s Woman: The show will discuss medical issues pertaining to fibroids including the importance of awareness, causes, effects, and treatments. The in-studio guest is Dr. Shadi Yousefi, Radiation Oncologist who specializes in fibroids.

News and Views: Nazy Biglary, VOA reporter reports on Ahmadi Nejad’s trip to Iraq  from Baghdad. Death Toll Rises in Gaza after More Israeli Attacks. Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba is our guest.

Roundtable: Top story: A closer look at IAEA’s report on Iran’s nuclear program: Two perspectives. Our guests are Mr. Hasan Daii and Mr. Kaveh Afrasiabi.

Late Edition: Will discuss Pakistan Politics with Mr. Daryoush Kadivar from Paris.

NewsTalk: Hosts Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba, Dr. Mehran Barati, and Mr. Ali Afshari to review and discuss the latest events in Iran (Nuclear Program, Parliament election, Human Rights, and Iran- Iraq including Mr. Ahmadi Nejad’s trip to Iraq).