Today's Woman: The show will recognize the anniversary of Sepandarmazgan, the celebration day of women in Iranian ancient culture. The next segment will discuss the current situation in Burma regarding Aung San Suu Kyi's ineligibility to to participate in elections. The last segment will cover the recent World Health Organization report regarding tobacco use, particularly focusing on the increase of women smokers.

News and Views: has the latest on: Turkish Commandos Pursue Kurdish Rebels in Border Region , Iraq Police: Suicide Bomber Kills 25 South of Baghdad. Dr. Anvari is our guest.

Round Table: Satirical look at Iran’s recent political events with Mr. Hadi Khorsandi.

Late Edition: Movie scholar and critic Jamsheed Akrami will be our guest in the NY Studio to speak about Academy Award movies.

NewsTalk: will discuss Iran’s latest events ( Parliament elections, Human Rights, reactions to Mr. Albaradei’s report on Iran’s nuclear program, Army’s strengthening in borders with Iraq and Turkey). Our guests are Dr. Ahmad Ahram from Paris, and Dr. Mehrdad Khansari from Los Angeles.