Today's Woman: The show will discuss issues relating to immigration. Areas of focus include the Diversity Visa Lottery and the way immigration laws relate to long distance marriages. The guest is immigration lawyer Dr. Moghtader who is joining us from Los Angeles.

News & Views: We lead our broadcast will reports that the UN Security Council on Thursday began formal consideration of a new resolution on Iran’s nuclear program that imposes restrictions on cargo to and from Iran, travel bans, the freezing of assets for people involved in the program and tightened monitoring of Iranian financial institutions. We have a report on Thursday’s hearing by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom on "Advancing Religious Freedom and Related Human Rights in Iran: Strategies for an Effective U.S. Policy." Robin Lynn Raphel, senior Vice President at the National Defense University in Washington, joins us for the first 1/2 hour to discuss Pakistan. The IAEA is expected to release its latest report on Iran's nuclear program. Henry Sokolski, who was the nonproliferation deputy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Bush I Administration, joins us for analysis.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Hossein Bagherzadeh, a human rights activist from London to discuss the status of human rights after the Islamic Revolution. Iranian women's activist Parvin Ardalan will join Roundtable, via phone, She has been awarded this year's Olaf Palme prize for her work and commitment to human rights.

Late Edition reports on the political situation in Pakistan in light of recent elections.

NewsTalk: Our guests are PNN's Siamak Dehghanpour, and contributors Shayan Samii and Babak Yektafar. Our topics this week include President Bush's trip to Africa US Reaction to:Election in Pakistan; Transition of Power in Cuba; and Independence of Kosovo. U.S. Primaries and Caucuses in Wisconsin, Washington and Hawaii.