Today's Woman: The show will focus on celebrity marriages and divorces. Areas of focus will include prenuptial agreements and child custody disputes.

News & Views: We will advance our coverage of the “war of words” between Iran and Israel. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Wednesday called Israel a "dirty microbe" and "savage animal", as Iran stepped up its rhetoric against the Jewish state after the murder of a top Hezbollah commander. Henry Sokolski, who was the nonproliferation deputy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Bush 1 Administration, will be our live on set guest to discuss the IAEA report that is set to be released on Friday. The Iranian opposition group that first exposed Iran's controversial nuclear fuel program has given the United Nations' nuclear watchdog details of what the group says is a working nuclear warhead development facility.

Roundtable: Dr. Hadi Zamani, international economic consultant, discusses the Iranian economy after the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Late Edition has a wrap up of significant Middle East news.

NewsTalk hosts its regular Wednesday panelists Alireza Nourizadeh and Mohsen Sarzgara.