Today's Woman: The show, as a part of a series, will continue to discuss the parliamentary elections in Iran and elsewhere. There will be a package highlighting the process of elections in Argentina. Our guest is lawyer and human rights activist Leili Pourzand from Boston, and our phoner guest is student activist Mahdieh Golrou from Iran.

News & Views: NaV will lead its broadcast with the events in Cuba, Pakistan, and Kosovo. We will have a comprehensive package covering the background of Castro, and have international reaction to this story, and we will have State spokesman David Foley to offer US reaction to these stories and other news of the day. The Israeli Foreign Ministry on Monday instructed its UN delegation to refer a letter of complaint and protest to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) over Iran's remarks about the imminent demise of the Jewish state. An Iranian hardline vetting body has reinstated another 250 barred candidates from running for the country's March parliament election. Iran said Tuesday that it had sentenced an education activist and journalist to death for his alleged involvement in terrorism.Yaghoob Mirnehad, a journalist who also ran a charity apparently focused on improving childhood education in Iran, was sentenced to death "because of his membership in the terrorist Jundallah group as well as for crimes against national security.

Roundtable: Carl Gershman, President of National Endowment for Democracy, discusses NED's mission and the prospects for democracy in Iran.

Late Edition reports on the resignation of Fidel Castro.

NewsTalk: Journalist Elahe Boghrati live from Berlin and Nasser Mohammadi live from London. Topic: Latest on human rights news in Iran.