Today's Woman: The discussion will center on the meaning and importance of cultural art management. The in-studio guest is Mona Khademi, Director of International Arts Management who holds almost ten years of experience in this field. The life, education, and past and future projects of Ms. Khademi will also be addressed.

News & Views reports on the elections in Pakistan and President Musharraf's vow to cooperate with whoever wins. An interview with VOA Islamabad stringer Ayaz Gul. The program also offers world reaction to Kosovo's declaration of independence. From inside Iran NaV conducts interviews with the lawyer of two recently detained women activists, as well as interviews an Iranian journalist regarding Iran's upcoming elections.

Roundtable: Dr. Mashaollah Adjudani, Historian, from London. A comparison of the achievements Constitutional Revolution vs Islamic Revolution.

Late Edition reports on today's election in Pakistan.

NewsTalk hosts contributor Elahe Hicks from New York, Human rights activist and Lawyer Dr. Lahiji live on the phone from Paris and a phoner from Tehran. Topic-Latest on Human rights in Iran.