Today's Woman: The show will discuss media censorship in Iran and elsewhere. Areas of focus will include the film rating system in the US and the effects of new media sources such as the Internet and satellite television. The guest from Toronto will be Hassan Zerehi, Editor in Chief of Shahravand Magazine Weekly.

News & Views: Today on this 29th anniversary of the Iranian revolution NaV will devote most of the broadcast to coverage and analysis of the event. We will kick off with an in depth backgrounder on the events surrounding the revolution, as well as a host of international interviews with many who have intimate and balanced knowledge of the Revolution. Dariush Homayoon of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran, former editor of Ayndegan newspaper, and former Minister of Information under the Shah, will give a phoner interview to us from his home in Geneva during the 2nd hour of the show. Khosrow Akmal, the Shah's Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand, and former chief of protocol for the Imperial Iranian Court and current leader of the Iranian Constitutional Monarchists in Washington will join us. Former Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi and former President Bani-Sadr join us as well with their reflections on the Revolution. Iran’s first investment banks will start operating next month, part of Tehran’s strat­egy of opening new banking channels but also part of its effort to circumvent US restrictions on its financial sector. The three banks will also play a key role in Iran’s plans to step up aggressively on the privatization of national industries including steel, banking, shipping, airlines and telecommunications.

Roundtable: Dr. Majid Tafrashi, Historian, will examine the new documents by the British Government that recently have been released. They reveal the roots of the Islamic Revolution through the correspondence between the British Foreign Office and British Embassy in Tehran. He will join us from London.

Late Edition: A report on the 29th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

NewsTalk: The guests are Hassan Shariatmadari, contributor Elahe Hicks and editor of Iran Nameh Hormuz Hekmat. The discussion concerns the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution.