Today’s Woman: The show will focus on the medical issues pertaining to headaches and migraines, particularly why women are more likely than men to get them.
The guest is Dr. Ramin Mazhari from the University of Maryland on the set.

News & Views: The latest on:  President Bush Surveying Tornado Damage in Tennessee, McCain Strong Favorite for Republican Nod, Democrats Vie for Frontrunner Status, head of Palestinians delegate meets David Welsh in Jerusalem. Our guest by Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba.

Roundtable:  will discuss the situation of today’s soccer in Iran with Mr. Asghar Sharafi, the former soccer player in Iran’s National Soccer Team.

Late Edition's Top story: McCain and conservatism.

Newstalk: Our guest is Ms. Marina Nemat, Iranian Canadian Write from Toronto to discuss her book called Prisoner of Tehran.