Today's Woman: The show will center on student university life. Areas of focus will include ways to go about studying abroad and getting into American universities. No guest.

News & Views advances the story of the closure of Zanan, a popular Iranian woman’s magazine. We have a recent statement from Sean McCormick at State: “The closure of Zanan and other media outlets over the past few years is yet another sign that the regime in Tehran refuses to respect the freedom of thought and expression spelled out in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.” We will broadcast an interview from inside Iran with Shirin Ebadi regarding the various “sudden deaths” of certain imprisoned activists. We also have an interview with a political science professor from Tehran University. PNN's Vafa Mostaghim is in Munich covering the security conference. We will have an “advancer” on the conference to set the stage as the attendees arrive.

Roundtable: An examination and discussion on Iran's upcoming Parliamentary elections next month with PNN contributer Alireza Nourizadeh.

Late Edition airs a House package "How America Elects" concerning the process of Presidential delegate selection.

NewsTalk: PNN Siamak Dehghanpour hosts a wrap up of the Presidential primary with contributors Shayan Samaii and Babak Yektafar. A stand up from PNN's Vafa Mostaghim from the Munich Security Conference.