Today's Woman: The show will discuss women and literature. Areas of focus will include the works JK Rowling (author of Harry Potter) and a look at the life and works of our guest Ezzat Goushegir, playwright, writer, and Professor at DePaul University who is joining us from Chicago.

News & Views: Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned French ambassador Bernard Poletti to protest Paris' stance over regional issues in the Mideast: “France has chosen to provide "one-sided support" for the "Zionist regime" and French officials have made "unreal, illogical and hasty remarks" on the Iranian president” the state media reported. Mohamed ElBaradei’s announces that he is making progress in finishing an inquiry into Iran's nuclear past ahead of his next report. Iran said Sunday it would review its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), if the UN passed a new resolution imposing sanctions against Tehran over its controversial nuclear program. Iran’s new space center that will launch its first research satellite. We have footage of a rocket fired into space at the remote desert center in northern Iran to mark the event, the second time the Islamic republic has attempted to fire a rocket into space.

Roundtable: Former Ambassador John Limbert discusses a recent U.S. Institute of Peace report he authored "Negotiating with the Islamic Republic of Iran" as well as the 29th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Late Edition reports on the latest from the Middle East.

NewsTalk discusses the latest in human rights news from Iran. Participants include Elahe Hicks and Maryam Memar Sadeghi, formerly with Freedom House, and human rights activist Iraj Fatemi live on camera from Paris.