Today’s Woman talks with Mansoureh Pirnia, writer and scholar, who discusses the social impact of use and disuse of the veil in Iran. 

News and Views will lead its broadcast with the announcement on an Islamist website that one of al-Qaeda's top figures, Abu Laith al-Libi, has been killed in Pakistan. Our Washington report will also include comments by U.S. Ambassador Greg Schulte urging Iran on Friday to fully disclose all past and present nuclear activities, and said a third United Nations resolution against the country was "long overdue.” We will also have an interview from Iran with Shams-al-Vaezin regarding speculation that after many months of infighting and pressure from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it seems that Iran’s Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki has decided that he has had enough and is going to resign. NaV covered the Human Rights Watch press conference on their annual human rights report, and interviewed the director of advocacy of HRW, Peggy Hicks on Iran. Hicks says that HR situation has deteriorated in Iran. We also covered George Clooney's press conference as well. He is the new UN peace messenger.

Roundtable today will discuss movements to achieve Democracy around the World. The guest is Ivan Marovic, a Serbian activist and key figure in Serbian youth movement. The movement was a decentralized student movement, composed of hundreds of thousands of activists that organized a nonviolent take over the parliament, leading to the downfall of Milosevic Serbian dictator.

Late Edition takes a look at the impact of the Latino vote in the upcoming US elections while the Eye on America piece focuses on how the US votes for a vice-president. The medical segment in today's show features a discussion on the Atkins diet.

Newstalk topics will include the State of the Union address, the US State Department position on Iran and nuclear fuel bank, and Elements of proposed 3rd round of sanctions (G5+1), and the US presidential election campaign.