Today's Woman: The show will discuss issues relating to family planning such as abortions and different methods of contraception.

News & Views: The US ambassador to Afghanistan William Wood questioned Wednesday Iranian policy towards Afghanistan, also saying there was no doubt insurgents here had received weapons from Iran. "Iran is providing assistance to Afghanistan: whether that is meant to assist Afghanistan or influence Afghanistan, I leave that to you," he said. We will have David Foley from the State Dept to discuss this, as well as to discuss statements from a State official that what’s occurring in Kenya is ethnic cleansing. Additionally, we host Joe Stork, Human Rights Watch's Middle East person, to discuss the release of the 2008 Human Rights Watch World Report on the state of human rights worldwide. HRW is holding a press conference at the Press Club Thursday morning. From Toronto we will have an interview with Alireza Haghighi, former director of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, to discuss the role Revolutionary Guard in overseeing elections.

Roundtable discusses the suppression of religious and ethnic minorities in Iran with Mr. Reza Hossinbor, an expert on the Middle East and Iranian ethnic and religious minorities in Iran. He is an active member of Baluchestan People’s Front.

Late Edition reports on a recent U.S. Institute of Peace event: "Intelligence and the Prevention of Conflict: The NIE Process and Iran's Nuclear Ambitions"

NewsTalk hosts its weekly journalist round up with Rome stringer Ahmad Rafat, PNN editors Mr. Behrouz Souresrafil and Mr. Ebrahim Biparva, Turkey stringer Ali Javanmardi and Paris stringer Mr. Chahid.