Today's Woman: A preview of the State of the Union address with an emphasis on the First Lady's role, the VIPs in attendance, seating and protocol arrangements. Later in the program we will discuss the Academy Awards with a focus on past Iranian nominees, as well as the recent nomination of Marjane Satrapi’s film Persepolis. Shahram Tabeha, a film critic from Toronto, will be the guest.

News & Views: A preview of President Bush's State of the Union speech tonight and a look back at last year. Scott Carpenter of the Washington Institute for Near East policy joins us live on set. He will discuss his recent article Bush's Freedom Agenda: Alive but Not Kicking" in which he deals with the president's emphasis on regional political and economic reform while he toured the Mid East, and how the SOTU address may be seen through this prism. A report from the South Carolina Democratic primary. We also report on Iran on Sunday offering to help Egypt deal with growing chaos on its breached border with Gaza, Egypt's Foreign Ministry said. The offer came during a rare visit to Cairo by a top Iranian diplomat, Ali Asghar Mohammadi. From inside Iran we cover Shirin Ebadi’s interview about a 17 year old boy who is to be executed for a crime he committed when he was 14. We also talk to a student activist about unrest over the recent days at Tehran University.

Roundtable: A preview of the President's address tonight and a review of current news from Iran over the past two weeks with contributor Alireza Nourizadeh.

Late Edition reports on the latest from the crisis in Gaza.

NewsTalk: An examination of human rights in Iran, arrests at Tehran University, a comparison of U.S.-Iran elections and a preview of the State of the Union. Laili Mazaheri, a lawyer and human rights activist, contributor Elahe Hicks, and Iraq Fatemi, a political analyst from Paris.