Today’s Woman: The show will focus on the causes, effects, and recent research findings related to autism. The phoner guest is Dr. Hamid Tabatabai, a psychologist and Project Leader of Mental Disorders at Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, Dr. Tabatabai specializes in infant psychology and serves as an autism consultant.

News and Views: Pakistan arrests 5 suspected militants in Karachi, Iraq imposes heavy security for Shiite rituals in Karbala, Iraqi police say clashes between security forces and armed members of a Shiite sect have killed at least 60 people in the southern cities of Basra and Nasiriyah, At least two Hamas fighters killed in Israel air strike in Gaza, Afghanistan is observing Shiite Holiday of Ashura. Our guest by Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba.

 Roundtable: Top story: Hollywood writers’ strike and its impact on movie and TV industries. We will also review 2008 Academy Awards. Our guest is Ms. Mojgan Gomroki, public relations consultant at 20 Century Fox. Late Edition: will discuss Nevada Caucus.

 NewsTalk: NewsTalk hosts Dr. Mehran Barati from Berlin, Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba, and Mr. Ali Afshari. They will discuss Iran week in review (Iran-Nuclear, China-Iran-US, Group of 5+1 meeting, GAO report on effectiveness of US sanctions against Iran, Iran's upcoming March 14th elections, Iranian President Ahmadinejad's interview with Al Jazeera).