Today's Woman interviews Esmail Nouriala on his new web magazine "New Secularism."

News & Views will lead the broadcast with the arrival of President Bush in Saudi Arabia, and his visit to UAE. We will have the latest reactions on the "provocation" in the Hormuz straight, and the topics of the meeting with the Saudi King. Second hour we’ll follow up with a report on Saudi-US relations and the latest on the president’s comments on Iran. Setareh Derrakshsh’s coverage includes latest WH exclusive reaction to the US arms deal to Saudi Arabia. We’ll also cover the story that Turkmenistan has insisted it cut gas to Iran 12 days ago because of a technical fault with the export pipeline and Iran's failure to pay for supplies. Middle East energy analyst Rob Sobhani will join us live to discuss the ramifications of the Turkministan gas cut. Paris stringer Mohammad Reza Chaid reports on French President Nicolas Sarkozy's offer to Saudi Arabia to help in developing peaceful nuclear energy at the start of a Gulf tour he hopes will secure billions of dollars in contracts for French firms.

Roundtable discusses President Bush's warning regarding Iran to the Gulf states and his efforts to rally Arab support against Iran with Lebanese journalist Salameh Namet.

Late Edition reports on President Bush's trip to the Middle East.

NewsTalk discusses human rights in Iran with contributor Elahe Hicks, and Dr. Batoul Azizpour, a historian and researcher.