Today’s Woman features an interview with Denmark based social activist Fakhur Moghaddas. We learn her life story—she coordinated international student exchange programs in pre-revolutionary Iran—and discuss how she has helped others bridge the gap between cultures, as well as how she bridged those same gaps as she herself assimilated into European society.

News and Views will feature the President’s trip to the Middle East with live report from Setareh from Jerusalem on the latest news, including the President’s comments on Iran yesterday. She will have live interviews with Meir Javdanfar an Iranian analyst and Arie Mekel, spokesman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry. Rafi Dajani, will join us NaV live on set. Dajani is executive director of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) and will comment on the President’s trip. The broadcast also follows up on the Gulf “provocation” incident. We have reax from the State Dept, and a statement from DOD spokesman Bryan Whitman, will have live again 5th Fleet Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff with his reactions to the Iranians video of the incident. Also covered is the story of the Iranian General “slapped” with sanctions by the US for fueling the insurgency in Iraq.

Roundtable discuss the recent criminal sentences in Iran that have resulted in doctor supervised amputations. Human rights lawyer Lili Mazaheri will discuss this, as will doctor who phones in from Iran. He will comment on the universality of the Hippocratic oath.

Late Edition will have a comprehensive discussion of President Bush’s trip to the Middle East.

Today’s Newstalk will feature PNN’s journalist’s roundtable featuring Ali Sajjadi and Behrouz Souresrafil on set with Mr. Charlangi. Setareh Derakahshesh will join us live on the phone from Jerusalem, and Ahmad Rafat will join us live on camera from Rome. Topics include President Bush’s trip to the Mid East, the Gulf “provocation,” the Turkish/Iranian gas situation, and the Iranian fuel shortages.