Today's Woman examines the history of make-up.

News & Views leads it broadcast with a live report from New Hampshire from correspondent Siamak Deghanpour. A preview of President Bush's trip this week to the Middle East where he will stress the threat of Iran's nuclear program and the need to confront it. Greg Myre, an Adjunct Scholar at the Middle East Institute, provides analysis. Turkish stringer Ali Javanmardi will join us live on the phone from Ankara to discuss Iran cutting off natural gas supplies to Turkey today and what may happen. He will also talk about the arrest of 37 Hezbollah suspects arrested in the city of Wan in Turkey. Iran has expelled a German diplomat for "undiplomatic" behavior, the Foreign Ministry said yesterday. The expulsion comes after a media report said that Germany expelled an Iranian consular attaché last July after he apparently attempted to acquire equipment that could be used for uranium enrichment.

Roundtable hosts contributor Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh to discuss President Bush's upcoming trip to the Middle East. A live report from New Hampshire from correspondent Siamak Deghanpour.

Late Edition reports on German-Iran relations in light of the recent expulsion of a German diplomat from Tehran.

NewsTalk discusses the latest in human rights news concerning Iran with contributor Elahe Hicks, and human rights activists Laili Mazaheri and Shokooh Mirzadeghi. Live report from New Hampshire.